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ASPROM visit to Colchester
ASPROM visit to Colchester
Chair:Dr Ruth Westgate

ASPROM is an association devoted to the study of ancient mosaics, and especially the Roman mosaics of Britain. It is the British branch of the Association International pour l'Étude de la Mosaïque Antique (AIEMA). Our members include archaeologists, artists, academics, museum curators, conservators, students and people from all walks of life with an interest in ancient mosaics, as well as institutions such as museums, art galleries, villas in public and private ownership, fine arts institutions and mosaic conservation firms. Together we provide a body of knowledge and skills covering every aspect of mosaic; the interchange of ideas is a welcome and enjoyable aspect of our meetings.

ASPROM organises two symposia a year with talks by members and invited speakers: one is held online in December, and one takes place in the summer, at a different venue each year, where we can see and discuss mosaics. We also publish an illustrated journal, Mosaic, which is free to members, and we offer grants to individuals and museums or sites for the study, conservation and presentation of ancient mosaics. You can read about the projects we have funded here.

One of the main aims of ASPROM when it was set up in 1978 was to produce a comprehensive record of all the Roman mosaics ever found in Britain, thus preserving this precious evidence for the future. This project came to fruition with the publication of the four volumes of The Roman Mosaics of Britain, by David Neal and Stephen Cosh (2002–2010). Read more.

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ASPROM is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 802883.
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