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Mosaic is the journal of ASPROM, published in December each year. It contains articles about all aspects of ancient mosaics, notes on all the Roman mosaics discovered in Britain in the previous year, and reviews of new books about mosaics. Join ASPROM to receive a copy.

  Current issue and sample articles.

Prospective contributors should contact the Editor, Dr Georgina Muskett (, as early as possible in the year. The deadline for the submission of articles is 30 April each year. Guidelines for authors can be downloaded here.

Back-issues from no. 18 (1991) onwards are still available. Volumes 18 (1991) to 35 (2008) cost £3.00 each (£2.50 to members), and the colour issues, from volume 36 (2009) onwards, are £5.00 (£4.00 to members), plus postage (£4.00 for up to three copies within the UK; prices for larger quantities or overseas postage on request). You can pay for back-issues through PayPal. To order, please email

The Roman Mosaics of Britain

ASPROM has been instrumental in producing a comprehensive record of all the Roman mosaics ever found in Britain, The Roman Mosaics of Britain by David S. Neal and Stephen R. Cosh. The fourth and final volume of the Corpus was published in 2010 by the Society of Antiquaries. Read more about this monumental project.

AIEMA publications

ASPROM also contributes to the international publications produced by our parent organisation AIEMA (L'Association International pour l'Étude de la Mosaïque Antique). AIEMA publishes a regular Bulletin containing comprehensive bibliographic listings relating to mosaics in the ancient and medieval worlds, compiled from information supplied by AIEMA members all over the world. Many members of ASPROM have also contributed to the series of international mosaic congresses organised and published by AIEMA.

Contents of Mosaic 44 (2017)

EditorialWill Wootton3
The unpublished mosaics in the Caseggiato dei Lottatori, Ostia (Italy), and the final phases of the buildingMartina Marano4–11
'To the beasts!' Recontextualising the Sollertiana Domus amphitheatre sceneVanda Strachan11–19
Manly men: images of masculinity in Roman IberiaLucy Elkerton20–25
Embodying abstract concepts: personifications in the House of Aion at PaphosJane Chick26–32
The 'wow factor': the display of Roman-period mosaics at Chedworth in the early 21st centuryMichael Dawson33–42

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