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Mosaic 49 (2022)

EditorialJane Chick2
The Death of Hector in RutlandStephen R. Cosh & David S. Neal3–9
The Dewlish Roman villa mosaics: recovering creatures of fact and fantasyIain Hewitt, Jonathan Milward & Rodney Alcock10–19
Artistic Lysons? New work on the 'lost' mosaics of Frampton Roman villa, DorsetMiles Russell, Dave Stewart, Paul Cheetham & Harry Manley19–31
The marine spina and its 'diabolic' tenantsRichard Maguire31–42
Mapping the cosmos at MéridaEmily R. French43–52
Marine-themed entrance-mosaics at Pompeii: a case studyFanny Kärfve53–62
Book review: P. Witts, Drawings of Roman Mosaics in the Topham Collection, Eton College LibraryJane Chick63–64
Book review: M. Dawson, Spectacle and Display: A Modern History of Britain's Roman Mosaic PavementsStephen R. Cosh64–65
Book review: A. Beeson, M. Nichol & J. Appleton, The Boxford Mosaic: A Unique Survivor from the Roman AgeStephen Clews66
Book review: A. Beeson, Mosaics in Roman BritainMartin Henig67–68
Anthony John Beeson (17th April 1948–1st April 2022): An appreciationPatricia Witts69–73

Mosaic 48 (2021)

EditorialJane Chick2
Thoughts on the Bellerophon and Pelops mosaic at BoxfordStephen R. Cosh3–12
Observations on the iconography of the Boxford mosaicPatricia Witts13–21
The conservation and restoration of a fourth-century Roman mosaic from Bancroft VillaTabatha Barton22–29
Porticus 'threshold' panelsStephen R. Cosh30–35
An entertainment fit for a thiasos: a reconsideration of the vine mosaic from Sainte-ColombeElizabeth Mitchell36–45
Unveiling Conimbriga in antiquity (Portugal): the geometric mosaic and the labyrinth with Minotaur mosaic found in 1899Filomena Limão46–57
Keepers of the threshold: euergetism, topography and fourth-century mosaics from the Synagogue at Apamea on the Orontes, SyriaAdam Blitz48–66

Mosaic 47 (2020)

EditorialJane Chick2
The phantom peacock of FishbournePatricia Witts3–5
Mosaics and building projectsStephen R. Cosh5–15
From floor to wall: why put mosaics on the wall?Liz James15–20
A tale of two inscriptions: Tipasa, Djemila, and the role of textual icons in the North African cult of saintsNathan S. Dennis20–32
Mosaic production in the early Islamic periodBea Leal33–44
Book review: C.K. Mackenzie, Culture and Society at Lullingstone Roman Villa (2019)Jane Chick45
Book review: A. Pellegrino, Mosaici e pavimenti di Ostia (2017)Alessandra Batty46
Book review: N. Hélou, Les mosaïques protobyzantines du Liban (2019)Ana Silkatcheva47–49

Mosaic 46 (2019)

EditorialWill Wootton2
The birth of ASPROM: some correctionsPeter Johnson2
Mistakes by Romano-British mosaicists and what we can learn from themStephen R. Cosh3–9
From Villa Adriana to Dresden in a tabletop: ancient mosaics in European collectionsChiara Cecalupo10–16
Mosaics at the late Roman estate of Gerace, near Enna, SicilyR.J.A. Wilson17–33
Note on a mosaic of Dionysos and AriadneRoger Ling34–36
Book review: Luigi Quattrochi, Mosaici funerari tardoantichi in Italia (2018)Francesca Bologna37–38

Mosaic 45 (2018): special edition marking the 40th anniversary of ASPROM

EditorialWill Wootton1
Romano-British mosaics 1978–2018Stephen R. Cosh2–10
The birth of ASPROM: an account of the principal actors and events that led to its establishmentChristopher Smith with Bryn Walters11–12
David Smith 1923–2016: an appreciation of his contribution to the study of Romano-British mosaicsStephen R. Cosh12–17
David Smith as an art historianMartin Henig with Julian Munby18–19
David Smith and Orpheus mosaicsIlona Jesnick19–20
The David J. Smith Mosaic ArchivePatricia Witts20–21
A new angle on the Lufton mosaicsPatricia Witts22–37
Mosaics and muralsRoger Ling38–44

Mosaic 44 (2017)

EditorialWill Wootton3
The unpublished mosaics in the Caseggiato dei Lottatori, Ostia (Italy), and the final phases of the buildingMartina Marano4–11
'To the beasts!' Recontextualising the Sollertiana Domus amphitheatre sceneVanda Strachan11–19
Manly men: images of masculinity in Roman IberiaLucy Elkerton20–25
Embodying abstract concepts: personifications in the House of Aion at PaphosJane Chick26–32
The 'wow factor': the display of Roman-period mosaics at Chedworth in the early 21st centuryMichael Dawson33–42

Mosaic 43 (2016)

EditorialWill Wootton4
Past and present lives of the mosaics at CorinthDylan Kelby Rogers5–13
Roman mosaics in English country housesJanet Tatlock14–18
The missing puzzle-piece on the Lod Mosaic: re-assessing the ships' cargoIlona Jesnick18–26
A rediscovered mosaic fragment from ChesterGeorgina Muskett27–28
Seasonal mosaics: four panels on the art market in 2013Roger Ling29–31
Book review: Patricia Witts, A Mosaic Menagerie: Creatures of Land, Sea and Sky in Romano-British Mosaics (2016)Roger Ling32–33
Book review: Alexis Belis (ed.), Roman Mosaics in the J. Paul Getty Museum (2016)Patricia Witts34

Mosaic 42 (2015)

EditorialWill Wootton3
A new interpretation of the iconography of the 'Mosaic of the Ships' in the domus of Palazzo Diotallevi, RiminiFederico Ugolini4–11
Interpreting the Lod mosaic: gazing into the crystal ballPatricia Witts11–16
Reconstructing mosaics: gallery/reception roomsStephen R. Cosh17–22
On the personification in the Hunt mosaic at the Roman villa of Caddeddi on the Tellaro, SicilyR.J.A. Wilson23–35
Photographic documentation of the mosaic reburial at Tocra (Taucheira), LibyaAhmed Buzaian36–39
The Medbourne mosaic rediscoveredGeorgina Muskett40–42
Appendix: conservation treatment of the Medbourne mosaic fragmentLottie Barnden43

Mosaic 41 (2014)

EditorialWill Wootton4
The animals on the Amphitheatre mosaic at Brading VillaStephen R. Cosh5–8
Writing in colour in late antiquity: evidence from North African mosaic pavementsSean V. Leatherbury9–16
A sixth-century pavement at Qasr el-Lebia in Libya: hodgepodge of motifs or coherent programme?Jane Chick17–24
Reconstructing Roman mosaics: Piddington and VerulamiumStephen R. Cosh25–28
Thorny treatments: conservation of a London fragmentLuisa Duarte & Kate Becker29–32
Mosaics on the art market in 2012Roger Ling33–37
Book review: Barry Cunliffe, The Roman Villa at Brading, Isle of Wight: The Excavations of 2008–2010 (2013)Stephen R. Cosh38

Mosaic 40 (2013): special edition marking the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Hinton St Mary mosaic

EditorialWill Wootton3
The Hinton St Mary mosaic: conservation and displayKaren Birkhölzer4–9
Documenting the lifting and relaying of the Hinton St Mary mosaic (image essay created from a film made by Francis Haveron)Will Wootton9–12
The iconography of the Hinton St Mary mosaic: the importance of displaying the wholeRoger Ling13–19
The Hinton St Mary Christ: what is he wearing and what does his clothing tell us about the sources for this image?Hero Granger-Taylor19–26
Churches, temples and villas in Late Antique Britain: Hinton St Mary in contextKen Dark26–32
Hinton St Mary, Late Roman culture and the afterlife of Roman mosaicsMartin Henig32–35

Mosaic 39 (2012)

Editorial [Chedworth]Stephen R. Cosh3
David Edward Johnston MA, FSA, 1934–2011: an appreciationIlona Jesnick4–6
The Central Southern GroupStephen R. Cosh7–17
Bacchus in London — 'excavating' in archives VIPatricia Witts18–24
Yet more mosaics on the art marketRoger Ling24–26
What not to do with a mosaic — the history of mosaic 438.50 from CaerwentStephen R. Cosh27–28
The Fisher-Hunters mosaic in the British Museum [from Utica]Juan Chacón Fossey29–35

Mosaic 38 (2011)

Editorial [Dyer Street Orpheus mosaic; Aldborough Wolf and Twins]Stephen R. Cosh3–4
More mosaics on the art marketRoger Ling5–7
The Auduneos mosaic: a calendar illustrationJanine Balty7–8
From Antioch to Oklahoma: the Cilicia mosaic rediscoveredTyler Jo Smith9–16
Reconstructing Roman mosaicsStephen R. Cosh17–20
A Bacchus mosaic from Old Broad Street, London — 'excavating' in archives VPatricia Witts20–25
Who is at the centre of the Old Broad Street mosaic?Stephen R. Cosh26–29
Okeanos in ZurichDelphine Lauritzen29–33

Mosaic 37 (2010)

Mosaics in 2009Stephen R. Cosh3–4
The envied fishmongers from OstiaAlessandra Pompili5–8
The Times newspaper online archive, Part II — 'excavating' in archives IVPatricia Witts8–13
Roman mosaics on the art market: true or false?Roger Ling13–19
Byzantine mosaics: some practical considerationsLiz James19–24
Two 'new' bipartite rooms [Queen Camel, Brislington]Stephen R. Cosh25–28
A mosaic from Butleigh, SomersetStephen R. Cosh28–31

Mosaic 36 (2009)

Mosaics in 2008Stephen R. Cosh3–4
The geology of early Roman mosaics and opus sectile in southernmost Britain: a summaryJ.R.L. Allen5–10
Bird-spotting on Romano-British mosaicsStephen R. Cosh10–17
A mosaic from Pupput reconsideredMargherita Carucci17–19
The Times newspaper online archive, Part I — 'excavating' in archives IIIPatricia Witts19–25
Women and the recording of mosaicsStephen R. Cosh25–28

Mosaic 35 (2008)

Roman mosaics in 2007Stephen R. Cosh3
The Keynsham Labyrinth?Stephen R. Cosh3
Unearthing the Keynsham mosaics — 'excavating' in archives IIPatricia Witts5–15
Mosaics for the military: evidence from CaerleonRoger Ling16–22
A new villa and mosaic from Coberley, GloucestershireAnthony Beeson23–25
George Edward Fox (1833–1908)Stephen R. Cosh26–27

Mosaic 34 (2007)

Roman mosaics in 2006Stephen R. Cosh               3
The Bellerophon mosaic at Frampton: inscriptions and programmatic intentRoger Ling5–11
A 'new' mosaic from CirencesterStephen R. Cosh12–13
'Excavating' in archives [Winterton, Pitney, Whatley, Gloucester]Patricia Witts14–21
Neptune at CirencesterPatricia Witts22–26

Mosaic 33 (2006)

Roman mosaics in 2005Stephen R. Cosh3
Aquatic apsesStephen R. Cosh4–8
The mosaic from Backhall Street, CaerleonDavid S. Neal9–13
In praise of the thrush [Brading]Stephen R. Cosh14–16
Nymphs and shepherds? A re-evaluation of scenes in mosaics from Brading, Frampton and PitneyPatricia Witts17–20
Virtual gardens: hidden status in the Roman villaJanne Hill20–26

Mosaic 32 (2005)

Roman mosaics in 2004Stephen R. Cosh3–4
What the Romans should never have done: the destruction of Romano-British mosaics in late antiquityStephen R. Cosh5–11
The Caerwent 'Seasons' mosaicDavid S. Neal12–14
New mosaics from WiggintonDavid S. Neal15–18
A mosaic in western Somerset: Yarford, Somerset, excavations 2003–5Anthony King19–22
Daphne at DinningtonStephen R. Cosh & David S. Neal23–25
Some thoughts on the Dalton Parlours Medusa mosaicStephen R. Cosh26–27

Mosaic 31 (2004)

Roman mosaics in 2003Stephen R. Cosh4–5
John Lickman (1774–1784)Stephen R. Cosh6–11
The Roman villa at Swalcliffe Lea, Oxfordshire, revisitedEdward Shawyer12–13
How Romano-British mosaics have inspired great menStephen R. Cosh14–16
Some methods of preserving Roman mosaics for studyDavid Ashford16
What not to do with a mosaic [Keynsham]Charles Browne17
Two Romano-British mosaic inscriptions reconsideredRoger Wilson18–22
The Seasons Mosaic at Brading: cult, culture or calendar?Patricia Witts23–31

Mosaic 30 (2003)

Roman mosaics in 2002Stephen R. Cosh3–4
The Pillerton Priors mosaicDavid Sabin5–6
Mosaics and wineStephen R. Cosh7–11
Inscriptions on Romano-British mosaicsRoger Ling14–16
Some unsung birds of Sussex [Bignor; Fishbourne]Patricia Witts17–21
Swastika-meander tablesJanet Tatlock22–24
Socio-economic aspects of late Roman mosaic pavements of Phoenicia and northern Palestine: a stratigraphic approachMark W. Merrony25–28

Mosaic 29 (2002)

Cover buildings over Romano-British mosaicsStephen R. Cosh4–8
Three days with Time Team [Dinnington, Somerset]David S. Neal9–10
How Keynsham Villa was lostCharles Browne & Margaret Whitehead11–15
A mosaicist's chisel from Keynsham Villa?Charles Browne16–17
Roman mosaics in 2001Stephen R. Cosh18–20
Three Antioch dining roomscrosslet available online
Janet Huskinson21–23
Rabaçal Roman Villa: a work of art in the landscapeJanne Hill24–26

Mosaic 28 (2001)

Alas poor Terentius, I knew him well! The Bignor inscription reconsideredStephen R. Cosh4–7
Roman mosaics in 2000Stephen R. Cosh8–10
A new mosaic from Gresham Street, LondonDavid S. Neal11–12
Universal messages: iconographic similarity between the mosaics of Antioch and Britain Patricia Witts13–17
The Brading 'dome'Patricia Witts18–19
A terracotta goddess from Agrigento and the Venus of Hemsworth Anthony J. Beeson 20–21
Mosaics and the end of Roman BritainStephen R. Cosh22–25
Art treasures in miniature: the world of ancient mosaics on stamps Peter Schedler26–30

Mosaic 27 (2000)

The Frampton Trident Bearer Anthony J. Beeson 4–7
Samuel Lysons: a founding father of Romano-British archaeologyCatherine Johns8–10
The Roman villa at Swalcliffe Lea, OxfordshireEdward Shawyer10–11
A new look at the mosaic in Room 11, Dewlish, DorsetStephen R. Cosh12–14
Nantes? Nants? Nîmes! (identity of a Fowler engraving)Roger Hanoune (trans. C. Browne)15
Re-creating the mosaic from Basildon Roman villaStephen R. Cosh16–18
Roman mosaics in 1999Stephen R. Cosh18
Triconchal roomsStephen R. Cosh19–22
Symbols of the Punic goddess Tanit in mosaic at SelinunteCharles Browne22–24

Mosaic 26 (1999)

The Rudston small figures mosaic Patricia Witts4–5
The dipping of Achilles: more thoughts on the Horkstow Medallions mosaic Anthony J. Beeson 6–7
Roman mosaics on displayStephen R. Cosh8–13
Roman mosaics in 1998Stephen R. Cosh14–15
The David J. Smith Mosaic Archive at the Institute of Classical StudiesGeoffrey B. Waywell15
Genre and originality in Hellenistic mosaicscrosslet abstract
Ruth Westgate16–25
Re-backing of the Tyche mosaic in Hull MuseumsPeter Sweeney26–28

Mosaic 25 (1998)

Dr David Smith (with full list of publications)Patricia Witts4–8
Mosaic schools, officinae and groups in fourth-century Roman Britain: an appreciation of the work by Dr David Smith and his legacyStephen R. Cosh9–14
The Roman mosaics from Verulamium; its unsung heroes and observationsDavid S. Neal15–23
Mosaic (poem)Michael Vince23
The mosaics from Stancombe Park Roman villaStephen R. Cosh24–27
Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire: condition survey of a previously unrecorded mosaic from the western porticoJ. Goode, R. Cleary, P. Bethell & S. R. Cosh28–30
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1997Stephen R. Cosh31–32

Mosaic 24 (1997)

The Lullingstone mosaic: art, religion and letters in a fourth-century villacrosslet available online
Martin Henig4–7
The Seasons mosaic from Silchester and its architectural contextcrosslet available online
Stephen R. Cosh8–12
Achilles on Vectis: a new interpretation of a mosaic from Brading, with notes on other Romano-British representations of the subject in mosaiccrosslet available online
Anthony J. Beeson 13–16
The Whitley Grange villa and its mosaiccrosslet available online
R. H. White17–18
The mosaic from Whitley Grange, Shropshirecrosslet available online
David S. Neal18–19
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1996Stephen R. Cosh20

Mosaic 23 (1996)

Brading Roman Villa, Isle of Wight: condition survey of the mosaic floors, Rooms 1, 12, 11; 1994Carol Edwards4–6
A Roman mosaic and Victorian Swanage [Bucklersbury, London]Robert Field7–9
A sea beasts mosaic from Aquae SulisStephen Clews10–11
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1995Stephen R. Cosh11
A new mosaic from Abinger, SurreyStephen R. Cosh12
A possible Achilles at FramptonStephen R. Cosh13–15
Further thoughts on the Micklegate Bar mosaic [York] Stephen R. Cosh & David S. Neal 16–17
Pegasus the Wonder Horse and his portrayal on Romano-British mosaics Anthony J. Beeson 18–23

Mosaic 22 (1995)

Venus and the fan Anthony J. Beeson 4–14
Bacchus on Romano-British mosaicsPatricia Witts15–19
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1993–4Stephen R. Cosh19
The mosaics of Newton St Loe: a report on the work of the ASPRoM working party into the evaluation of the fragments Anthony J. Beeson 20–21

Mosaic 21 (1994)

The identification of the Cantharus mosaic in BristolStephen R. Cosh5–6
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1992David E. Johnston6
A 'new' mosaic from Gloucestershire with a possible representation of WindsPatricia Witts7
Some forgotten mosaic fragments from West WalesJohn Roche8–11
The intersecting circles mosaic from Drayton villa, Leicestershire Anthony J. Beeson & Stephen R. Cosh 12
A lost mosaic from Twyford, HantsDavid E. Johnston13
What not to do with a mosaic (4) [West Dean]David E. Johnston14
Note: The Wollaston Collection: an assessment of the British section Anthony J. Beeson 17–18
Note: The Neptune mosaic from Ashcroft Villas, Cirencester: an interim report Stephen R. Cosh 18
Note: A mosaic from Smyrna: or a Shropshire mystery solved Anthony J. Beeson 19

Mosaic 20 (1993)

The Medallions Mosaic — a new interpretation of the 'painted ceiling' panel from the Orpheus Hall at Horkstow Anthony J. Beeson 7–17
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1991David E. Johnston17
Newton St Loe: Orpheus, running animals and the huntIlona Jesnick18–23
Mosaic drawings held at StourheadPatricia Witts24
Mosaics in LibyaPatricia Witts25–28

Mosaic 19 (1992)

A new look at the Corinian Saltire SchoolStephen R. Cosh7–10
The mosaics of AlbaniaPatricia Witts11–14
Roman mosaics in Britain in 199017
Note: The mosaic at Drayton, Leicestershire Anthony J. Beeson 18
Note: The Newton St Loe Project: second report Anthony J. Beeson 18–21

Mosaic 18 (1991)

Mosaics in Roman Britain: schools, symbols and service Keith Branigan9–14
The iconography of the Brading mosaicsRoger Ling14–20
Micromosaics: a phantom artDavid E. Johnston21–25
Roman mosaics in Britain in 198926

Mosaic 17 (1990)

The Caerwent Seasons mosaic — perhaps an Orpheus? Ilona Jesnick7–13
Perseus and Andromeda as lovers — a mosaic panel from Brading and its originsAnthony J. Beeson13–19
A possible representation of Scylla from Cirencester Anthony J. Beeson19–23
Roman mosaics in Britain in 198825

Mosaic 16 (1989)

Religion and mosaics in BritainMartin Henig6–9
Animals in the Orpheus mosaicsIlona Jesnick9–13
The Lindinis branch of the Corinian Saltire officinaStephen R. Cosh14–19
Dr Robert Wollaston — a forgotten pioneer in the study of Roman mosaicsAnthony J. Beeson20–24
Roman mosaics in Britain in 1987Peter Johnson26
Note: The theft of the mosaics of Panagia Kanakaria at Lythrankomi in CyprusRosamond Hanworth26–27

Mosaic 15 (1988)

Moving the Bucklersbury mosaic William E. Novis9–10
The mosaic from Little Minster Street, Winchester Stephen R. Cosh11–12
Arabesques [pelta-urn motif]David E. Johnston12–13
The Rudston Venus: a postscriptDavid E. Johnston14–15
Acronyms and cultural property: deciphering the conservation alphabetPeter Johnson16–17
Roman mosaics in Britain in 1986Peter Johnson20
The Newton St Loe ProjectJennifer Stewart21

Mosaic 14 (1987)

Mosaics from Roman Britain in the British Museum Catherine Johns8–9
The new conservation workshop for mosaics in the Department of Conservation, British MuseumHannah Lane 9–10
The Rudston Venus: an interpretationDavid E. Johnston11–17
Dolphins on Romano-British mosaicsDavid E. Johnston18–22
Roman mosaics in Britain in 1985Peter Johnson24

Mosaic 13 (1986)

Jocelyn Toynbee: an appreciationMartin Henig1
'Parthian' art and the Roman mosaicist's copy-bookJ. M. C. Toynbee8–12
Late Roman mosaics in Britain: myth and meaningMartin Henig13–20
Mosaics: myth, meaning and 'aesthetics'Neil Cookson20–23
Jocelyn Toynbee and the mosaics of Roman Britain David E. Johnston24–25
Roman mosaics in Britain in 1984Peter Johnson30–31

Mosaic 12 (1985)

Mistakes and misapprehensionsIlona Jesnick9–13
The Hunting Dog mosaic of Cherhill, WiltshirePeter Johnson14–15
Roman mosaics in SyriaDavid E. Johnston16
Roman mosaics in Britain in 1983Peter Johnson20

Mosaic 11 (November 1984)

The Winterton Orpheus mosaic: a surpriseDavid S. Neal1–2
The Wheelers' Mosaic no. 6William E. Novis3–4
Second-century traditions in Romano-British mosaicsDavid J. Smith4–8
Aspects of oblique design in Roman mosaic pavementsSusan Tebby8–12

Mosaic 10 (April 1984)

The legionary mosaics in ChesterPeter Johnson 6–8
Mosaics in IsraelDavid E. Johnston8–9
Evidence for itinerant mosaicists working in north-east EnglandDavid S. Neal9–10
Conservation of wall mosaics: Torcello, VeniceTerry Suthers11–14
Torcello: an update William E. Novis 14–15
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1982Peter Johnson16
Venison and the Wolf again [Micklegate Bar, York, and Aldborough]Roger Ling17–19
Were Roman mosaics made at Piercebridge?Lindsay Allason-Jones19

Mosaic 9 (November 1983)

Observations on the mosaic from Micklegate Bar, York, and the Wolf and Twins mosaic, Aldborough, N YorksDavid S. Neal2–4
The villa of Woodchester and its mosaics David J. Smith4–7
Mosaics and poolsBryn Walters7–9
Roman mosaics in the West CountryPeter Johnson11–13
Mosaic: tradition and trainingJane Muir14–17

Mosaic 8 (April 1983)

The Ilchester–Lindinis officinaPeter Johnson5–8
A new mosaic from Ilchester, SomersetDavid S. Neal8–9
Recent discoveries in ColchesterDavid J. Smith9–11
A Roman villa at Knossos, CreteElisabeth Waywell11–13
Roman mosaics in Britain, 1981Peter Johnson14

Mosaic 7 (November 1982)

A libation of cold water
Summary: This paper discusses the various aspects of classical as well as contemporary mosaics, and also 'flies a kite' by posing a basic question of technique which so far has not been conclusively answered.
Peter Fischer3–6
Geometric mosaics: an introductionSusan Tebby 6–12
Distant echoesDavid E. Johnston12–15
Mosaicists' sourcesJocelyn Toynbee15–17
The origins of mosaic floor designs William E. Novis 17–18
Short contributions [Bancroft; Chedworth; Hemsworth; Combley; Hovingham]19
A travelling mosaicist from Yorkshire?Peter Johnson19–21
Mystery religions in mosaic: questions of interpretationJanet Huskinson21–22
Orpheus mosaics in Roman Britain David J. Smith 22–23
Fourth-century 'Orphic' halls in BritainBryn Walters23–26
Mosaics and muralsRoger Ling26–28

Mosaic 6 (April 1982)

Mosaics: a support-backing for exhibition and storage in the British Museum Peter Shorer5–9
Geometric design in Roman tessellated pavementsSusan Tebby10–12
Mosaics in architectural context: some reinterpretationsBryn Walters12–15
Roman mosaics in Britain in 1980Peter Johnson17–18
Mosaic conservation: Piazza ArmerinaRoger Wilson18–19
The birds of the Corinium mosaicsW. B. Yapp19–25

Mosaic 5 (November 1981)

William Fowler — engraver of Roman mosaic pavementsChris Knowles1–5
Two figures at BradingRoger Ling6
The display of mosaicsJohn H. Rumsby6–8
Mosaic conservation in Europe and North AfricaTerence Suthers8–12
The Gorhambury mosaicDavid S. Neal12–13
Glass tesserae in BritainNeil Cookson13–16
The Winchester Streaker againRoger Ling16–17
The Dyer Street Orpheus mosaic againAlan McWhirr17

Mosaic 4 (April 1981)

Mosaic design and room function in Roman BritainDavid E. Johnston5
Cirencester mosaicsAlan McWhirr5–7
A reconstruction of the Middleborough mosaic, Colchester David S. Neal7
Recent discoveries at Fishbourne Roman PalaceDavid Rudkin8–10
The Wotton mosaic: a re-creation of the Great Pavement at WoodchesterBob Woodward10–15
A letter from the editor: The British Museum and the mosaic from Hinton St MaryDavid J. Smith15–16
Mosaics in Britain: 1979Peter Johnson18
The Winchester StreakerDavid E. Johnston 18–19

Mosaic 3 (November 1980)

Geometric design in Roman tessellated pavements: comparative analytical drawingsSusan Tebby2–3
The mosaics of Roman LeicesterPeter Johnson3–4
Prefabrication and removal of mosaics in antiquityDavid E. Johnston5–6
The transfer of the mosaic of Hinton St Mary to the British MuseumDavid J. Smith6–7
The 'fishes' emblema from Chichignola — a lost relative?Terry Suthers7–9
The mosaics of BignorPeter Johnson9–10
Roman mosaics in Britain: a synthesisDavid J. Smith10–11
The Orpheus mosaic in Littlecote Park, WiltshireBryn Walters11–12
What not do with a mosaic (2)David E. Johnston13–14
The mosaics at Fullerton, Wherwell, Hants.David E. Johnston14

Mosaic 2 (April 1980)

Mosaics from Middleborough, ColchesterPhilip Crummy5–9
Mosaics in dangerPeter Johnson9–11
The Droitwich mosaicsDavid E. Johnston11–12
Interlaced squares in Romano-British mosaicsDavid S. Neal12–13
The later mosaics of FishbourneDavid J. Smith13–16
Some questions about the technique of the ancient mosaicist R. J. V. Smyth16–18
Mosaics in Britain: 1978Peter Johnson20
What not do with a mosaicDavid E. Johnston20–21
A date for Hinton St Mary?Richard Reece21–22
The intriguing mosaic of HalstockR. N. Lucas 22–23
The mosaic from HorkstowJohn Rumsby23
Mythological figures and scenes in Romano-British mosaics: addenda and corrigendaDavid J. Smith23–24
Specifications for a mosaic in Ptolemaic EgyptDavid J. Smith24

Mosaic 1 (April 1979)

The problem of the third century in the study of Romano-British mosaicsPeter Johnson4–5
The use of Samian tesserae in Romano-British mosaicsBrian Hartley5–6
Roman mosaics in SpainDimas Fernàndez-Galiano Ruiz6–7
Repairs and irregularities in Romano-British mosaicsDavid S. Neal7–8
Lifting mosaics William E. Novis 8
Lifting mosaics: rollingTerry Suthers8–9
Walls and floors David E. Johnston 9
The rediscovery of the Littlecote Park Orpheus mosaicBryn Walters10–11
Roman mosaics in Yorkshire and HumbersideDavid J. Smith11
Notes on some Romano-British mosaicsDavid J. Smith12–14
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