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October 2020: Save the Dewlish mosaic!
The Dorset Museum is raising funds to save an important Roman mosaic for the nation. The fragment of mosaic, found in a villa at Dewlish in 1974, depicts a leopard bringing down an antelope. It is one of the finest figured mosaics found anywhere in Britain. It has been sold to an overseas buyer, and will leave the country unless the money can be raised to acquire it for the Dorset Museum, which already holds other mosaics from the same villa. The government has placed a temporary export bar on the mosaic, so the museum needs to raise 135,000 by January 2021 to keep it in the UK.
crosslet  Update: The fundraising campaign was successful, and the mosaic is now on display in the Dorset Museum. Thanks to everyone who donated!
September 2017: New mosaic at Boxford, Berkshire
The Boxford History Project and the Berkshire Archaeology Research Group, in collaboration with Cotswold Archaeology, have uncovered one of the most spectacular and unusual Roman mosaics ever discovered in Britain. It is decorated with mythological scenes, including Bellerophon killing the Chimaera and Hercules fighting a centaur. It also features cupids, perhaps representing the seasons, and giants (telamones) in the corners holding up the central panel.
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Monday 14–Friday 20 October 2024: 16th International Congress on Ancient Mosaics: Mosaics between East and West: Common Traits, Differences, Exchanges
Sofia, Bulgaria
First circular and call for papers
Saturday 2 December 2023: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
online (Zoom)
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Saturday 10–Sunday 11 June 2023: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Saturday 13 May 2023: ASPROM visit to The Newt in Somerset
Hadspen, Somerset
We will visit the Villa Ventorum, a reconstruction of a Roman villa, complete with mosaics, which is based on the remains of a villa excavated on the Newt estate. The visit will cost £15.00 per person, and there are 20 places available, for ASPROM members only; information about how to book a place has been sent to members. An additional visit may be arranged at a later date for anyone who is unable to come this time.
Saturday 3 December 2022: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
online (Zoom)
Programme and abstracts
Monday 24–Friday 28 October 2022: Fourteenth Meeting of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM)
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Theme: Conserving Mosaics in a Changing Environment: Challenges and Opportunities
Further information
Monday 17–Friday 21 October 2022: 15th International Congress on Ancient Mosaics: Mosaic in Context
Lyon and Saint-Romain-en-Gal, France
Programme and booking information
Saturday 27 August 2022: Exhibition of Mosaic Paintings by David Neal and Stephen Cosh
Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes
Further information
Saturday 11–Sunday 12 June 2022: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Dorset Museum, Dorchester
Wednesday 27–Saturday 30 April 2022: 6th International Symposium of the Mosaic Corpus of Turkey: Reflections of Faith and Cult in Mosaic Art: Art, Conservation, and Modern Approaches
Mudanya, Turkey
Further information
Saturday 4 December 2021: ASPROM AGM
online (Zoom)
Saturday 27 November 2021: ASPROM Winter Symposium
Reading Museum
Saturday 5 June 2021: ASPROM Summer Symposium
online (Zoom)
The talks will focus on Roman Colchester.
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Saturday 5 December 2020: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
online (Zoom)
Saturday 7 December 2019: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Bush House
Saturday 8–Sunday 9 June 2019: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Fishbourne & Bignor
Saturday 1 December 2018: ASPROM AGM and 40th Anniversary Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Monday 15–Friday 19 October 2018: 14th International Congress on Ancient Mosaics
Nicosia, Cyprus
Saturday 2–Sunday 3 June 2018: ASPROM Summer Symposium
York & Aldborough
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